RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE power tower – Review

Product: RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE power tower

Where to buy:

Price (retail): $145.99

Guarantee: 90 days after maximum estimated arrival time

Overall score: 7.8/10

General information

Product has sturdy construction. It is made of high quality square tube. Power tower holds up to 330LBS.

There are suction cups in the bottom of the tower which add stability. They can also be adjusted.

There is safety locknut in the tower that prevents the nut from falling off if too much vibration happens.

Tower is functional. It can be used to perform many types of exercises.

Tower can be installed easily because assemble tools and instructions are provided. There is also installation video in YouTube in order to make assembling easier for you.

Product comes in 4 different colors.

#1 Best seller in strength training dip stands.

Over 100 reviews and 46 answered questions regarding the product in Amazon with lots of satisfied customers.

3.9/5 stars rating in


Adjustable and safe

This power tower provides a lot of safety for its user. It has many safety mechanisms that provide support to its user.

Handles can be adjusted so taller persons can also easily do leg raises without problems. Customers had complained about handles being too short but provider says that they have got the feedback and have made handles more adjustable now.

Back pad and height of the tower are also adjustable depending on its user.

As downside, there have been customer reviews which say that the metal in the tower has been bent from some parts. Of course there are more satisfied customers but I suggest you read reviews, both positive and negative.

Of course if you start to hesitate, remember that Amazon provides 90-day guarantee so you can always test the product for a little time. Read more about the guarantee from


Practical tower that provides a lot

While looking for equipment I always favor practicality and versatility.

This product succeeds in providing both of those features. It doesn’t take too much space in your apartment or garage. While taking a little space, this wonderful piece of equipment can train basically every muscle in your upper body.

Triceps, biceps, upper back, chest, shoulders, abs and hip flexors.

You can perform pull-ups, tricep dips, push-ups, leg raises and many more exercises with this power tower.

You don’t necessarily even need (at first) any plates or bars/dumbbells in order to gain muscle, burn fat of what ever you are aiming for in your workout process.


Pros and cons


Flexible for many exercises

Great price

Easily adjustable

Wonderful for working out with your body weight



Can’t train legs with this product

In the long run belt and plates are needed for extra weight, especially if you are aiming for sustaining muscle growth

Some customers have complained about it doesn’t really hold up for 330LBS


Overall conclusion

This power tower is a great choice for you if you are looking for a little space taking piece of equipment that still provides a lot of usability.

Adjustability is a great feature in this product. It can be used by tall, short, lighter or heavier people. There are also great safety.

With this product I would suggest reading reviews and make your decision then. There were many negative reviews about the quality of the product. Of course there were a lot of great reviews too and after all it is best-seller in its category.

These types of products are difficult to get from general stores so if you like buying online I suggest you peek this one and consider buying it.

Hopefully my review was somehow helpful to you and made your decision easier.



2 thoughts on “RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE power tower – Review

  1. Mutsumi Reply

    I’m still shopping around but I’m definitely adding this one to my cart. The dimension and its usability perfectly fit my needs and the cons you mentioned are not that big of a deal for me. Is there any other equipment you recommend to accompany this since you mentioned we can’t train legs with this?

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Hi Mutsumi! Great you found my review helpful. There is not any leg equipment at the moment for me to recommend, sorry, but I will make my next review about something related to legs. So, remember to revisit my site later for more information.

      It is wonderful this product was something you liked!

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