Welcome to my website! Here your journey of getting fit starts.


Because of school and my volleyball hobby I never really had time to get that dream body everyone wants. My practice and exercise lead towards more durable and tenacious body. I never had a chance to grow muscles.

In the spring of 2018 I finally started a gym membership and started going to gym 5-6 times a week instead of those 2 times with my volleyball team. Since then, it has been wonderful to see my own body shaping towards more muscular one. It is a magnificent feeling.

I know that I have a lot to learn myself still but don’t we all. I still know that I have a lot of knowledge to help you to get better with exercising.



I want to help people to get their dream bodies possible easily. It doesn’t matter do you want to lose fat or gain muscle, both are possible without expensive gym memberships. If you go to gym it is great of course and there is nothing wrong with that!

But I know everybody doesn’t have time nor money to go to the gym so I also try to provide helpful information for people working out at home. It doesn’t matter where you perform your training because the most important aspect is you. You determine yourself how much development will happen. I want to help you because I know every one of us has the potential to make anything possible.

I want to share the joy of exercising with everyone and make people realize it is not impossible to see results with a little work.



I want to satisfy your needs with equipment well enough to your training and make exercising easier and more efficient. I want to show you that everybody can get fit no only in gym but also at home. I trust you and your determination.

I post a lot of articles about exercising and how to get more advanced in training. I focus on people just about to start working out but I hope there is a lot of information for you even if you were more experienced with exercising.

I am going to talk about nutrition time to time also.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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