Make your own workout plan for muscle gain

Today I am going to show you how to make working and successful plan for your training and more precisely for muscle growth.

If you haven’t been using one or have used ones that don’t work, then this is the great time to master the skill of making a brilliant workout plan by yourself.


Which exercises to add


First of all it is crucial to understand what kind of exercises are useful and make the most muscle gain.

You should always add compound exercises to your workout session. It having only isolating exercises will reduce the progression rate dramatically. In other words you won’t see progress in a long time.

Always add a few main compound exercises to the beginning of your session. Before that remember to do some kind of warm up routine and activate your muscles.

Add about three main exercises which should be compound exercises in workout session. These exercises are the key to muscle growth and improvement/strength.

An example of your compound exercises could be this: flat barbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, shoulder press with barbell. There can be fourth compound exercise as well.

After that add one, two, absolute max three isolation exercises to the end of you session. This way it is made sure that you target every muscle fiber in your muscles.

An example of added isolation exercises could be: dumbbell lateral raises, tricep rope pulldowns.

There are also ways to make isolation exercises more burning and effective, but I’ll talk about it later in this article.


Is there right amount of sets?


There aren’t really exact right amount of sets and reps to perform. There are still very accurate guidelines that will help to gain most amount of muscles in no time.

The Best results are seen with 3-5 sets with one exercise. 4-5 sets can be used in the main strength exercise, like bench press. This usually requires to have fewer exercises overall since too much causes exhaustion and doesn’t help muscle growth.

Great rule to remember is that if more sets per exercise, the less amount of exercises should be in overall session. This prevents your body from too much fatigue.

4-5 sets can also be used with last isolation exercises while lowering the weight a little. This helps to really finish off every muscle fiber and get best results.

I personally use 3 sets per exercise since I find it most simple and effective for myself. For beginners, I suggest using 3 sets for these some reasons.

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What about repetitions


When it comes to reps there are also debate about the right amount. How many you should use depends on what you are aiming for. Since this article is about gaining muscle I will focus on that.

In order to gain muscle you should cut your routine into three different sections that each use different amount of reps. Sections can last one to three weeks each.

After completing the first one you move to next one. This becomes repeatable loop of 3-9 weeks of training you complete over and over.

On a first section aim for heavy weights and low reps. This helps you to lift heavier in the long run and doing so gaining more muscle since tension is larger.

Go for about 3-6 reps. I personally like to do approximately 6-6-4. But keep in mind that if you are able to do one more repetition after doing 6, don’t just stop there. Do as many as you can. If you are able to do 10, adjust the weight that you can do max 6.

In the second section go for about 8-12 reps. Here happens the most of your muscle growth. Again adjust the weight to match the right intensity and repetitions.

In the last section it is recommended to create more durability to your muscles. This happens by lowering the weight compared to other weeks and adding reps. The good amount would between 12 and 16.


Adjust intensity correctly


One of the greatest mistakes people make in the gym is that they are unable to perform workouts with right intensity.

Some of us don’t add enough intensity and by doing so we’ll don’t get muscle growth with full potential. But again by putting yourself to the edge and tiring yourself too much doesn’t do good to your muscle growth either.

That is why I suggest doing max 6 different exercises in a workout in order not to tire yourself entirely. Too much fatigue slows your development.

But more common mistake is to let yourself off easy. Always perform sets so that last two or three reps are difficult to do. At least in the last set you should already be a little exhausted.

It isn’t necessary to do 12-12-12 reps. Aim for more like 12-10-8 type of performance. This way you are guaranteed to add right amount of weight to the bar.


Add more diversity


After a while of training it is recommended to add some diversity to training. This is possible by changing your exercises regularly and adding something like drop sets or forced reps to your workout session.

By changing your exercises regularly you ensure that muscle growth and strength are maximized since you target every muscle fiber from your muscles. If your muscles become used to some exercises, development will decrease.

Also drop sets and forced reps are a great way to add diversity and more engagement. There are different opinions about their effectivity but I suggest trying them after a while.

It is important to keep in mind that either of these methods shouldn’t be used in every exercise in your session.

It is optimal to use them maybe in one or max two exercises per session. Using them more than that decreases the effectively and in addition fatigues your muscles.

Hopefully I was able to help you come up with your own workout plan for muscle growth. Now go use your own workout plan to see success.

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