Lost motivation for gym is easy to get back


Who of us wouldn’t have been struggling with getting to gym regularly and doing exercises with full energy.

Everyone goes sometimes through tough times when lack of motivation for exercising or going to gym is huge. I have thought of a few things to help you overcome that feel of hopefulness and get that motivation for gym back.

If you are looking for advice of starting to exercise or go to gym, you might want to read article meant for that topic first. This article is more for those who have lost motivation and want to regain it.


Everyone feels sometimes down

I have been there as well. I have times when I feel being on top of the world. I go to gym six times a week and have the power and motivation. Then there might be weeks when I go there maybe 2-3 times because I feel tired or unmotivated.

Don’t be afraid of those periods. It is natural for us in every section of our life. Other things interest us more at the moment and after a few months the feeling of joy might be gone.

But we have ability to affect our mood and use different methods to make it easier to get motivation. I am about to tell you a little about them and I hope you get as much help as possible of them.


Find out your weaknesses and defeat them

We tend to have weaknesses. We tend to have physical and mental obstacles that separate us from our targets.

Think of a narrow bridge. On the other side of it is something that you want, let’s say a leaner version of yourself. The bridge stops us from getting to the other side. Or does it?

We are just too scared or incurious. We don’t want to make ourselves uncomfortable in order to get to the other side. But after a little time of thinking that lean body just is just so desirable we want to try to cross the bridge.

It is hard but we make it. Congrats, you took the first steps and got to the other side. Now another, leaner body appears again to the other side. Once we have already crossed a bridge once, it is now easier to do.

After the event repeats over and over, you are no longer afraid of that silly bridge and can easily cross it.

This is how we can put aside our weaknesses and cross those bridges. By confronting and getting over them in order to get our price.

Now you just need to find out what restrains you from getting back to life with exercising. Is it “lack of time”, friends, games, work, Netflix, fear of embarrassment in gym or the fact that you cannot see results.

Think how you can deal with them. If it is a thing that takes your gym time away, try to plan your daily life the way that you are able to exercise for one hour a day. In the end, it is not much.


Track your progress

Another thing to do is to track your progress physically and mentally. This happens through workout plan, tracking of improvement and measurement of your body and mind.

If you can’t see results it is probably due to a bad workout plan or not having one at all. Track how much you lifted last week and always increase the amount of reps or sets a little. Without getting challenged, your muscles won’t develop.

Being unable to see the progress might also have made you unmotivated and not get results but a workout plan that evolves is the key to going forward.

I get so happy when I, for example, notice that I am able to bench press 10 kilos more than a month ago. All tough workouts have been useful and the feeling of joy fulfills me. That is so rewarding, trust me. So I mean this, track your progress.

You can also measure your weight or different body parts, like the size of chest or arm. Maybe you have lost a kilo/pound while getting rid of weight or you have gained more weight if you aim for more muscular body.

Measuring your body and tracking statistics can be rewarding for many, including me. Just remember not to get too obsessed with that. It is not necessary to go to a scale and weigh yourself every day.

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Don’t forget to track your mood

Mental tracking is something many of us don’t value or even know that exists. However, it is surprisingly important aspect in maintaining motivation.

If you feel down for a week straight while training, you might not be able to figure out the problem without tracking your feelings after training sessions.

If you rate your mood, let’s say from 1-10 after every workout session, it might help you to recognize reasons behind a bad and a great workout. This way you are able to find out which aspects, like different exercises, lower your happiness and motivation.

Also, you might find a pattern. For example, you might be exhausted and frustrated every time you train in the evening. If you notice this, you are able to move your training sessions to earlier time of the day.

Write down everything you might find informative. How do you feel, is it better or worse than last time, are you tired or full of energy, did you have motivation peaks during a workout and when if you did.

So remember not just physical but also mental tracking.


Challenge yourself – make goals

One very good way to motivate yourself is to set goals.

Make achievable goals that are challenging and motivating enough. You might get yourself more unmotivated if your goals are too hard to achieve.

Just start with doing a 1 % more than in the previous training session. Do one sit-up or squat more.

Set minor goals to the end of each month because that way you can get rewarded more often. Don’t aim for a one big goal at the end of the year.

Come up with ideas for rewards. Don’t focus on punishing yourself if you couldn’t achieve the goal.

If you have done great within a month go to spa or make an appointment to a massage (massage is recommended generally too).

It is much more motivating to aim for something that makes you happy than be afraid of failure and punishment. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.


If you haven’t checked this yet, do it now!

Hopefully these tips will get you back on track and towards your dream shape. Keep going because I trust you and so should you! Good luck!






4 thoughts on “Lost motivation for gym is easy to get back

  1. Rose Reply

    great post I like your tips, and l like how you suggest a spa or a massage, that’s a good idea especially after knowing you have completed you goal of workout in that week.
    thank you for this.

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      I appreciate a lot that you like my post. Great you have found some tips to use yourself. Thank you Rose!

  2. Rose Reply

    I posted before adding that I like the way you talked about work out plan, that is very important and also to track your progress, those two points are really good, l will follow this tips you have given because it is very easy to lose motivation.
    Again thank you so much for putting this post together, good job.

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Thank you for your feedback. You are right, workout plan progress tracking are extremely important things to remember. I’m glad you liked my content!

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