How to burn fat or gain muscle efficiently

It is difficult for almost every one of us to burn fat or gain muscle fast and painlessly. Modern world is full of tricks and tips how to easily get huge arms or lose that extra fat from your belly. All kind of “experts” tell you to do this or use that product and after a month you see no results.

But you can see results even after a week. There is this one working technique that I am about to reveal to you. I think that you already know this but it is easy to ignore and look for other things.

But now I will tell you a little more about this secret method and encourage you to begin your process towards. Be sure to read carefully.

Working out towards your goal


The only thing how you can get your dream body is by working out. Of course dieting is a huge part of the whole process, but without lifting those weights you can say goodbye to your dream. Truth is sometimes harsh but in the end exercising is rewarding and fun, trust me.


You will need the right equipment, right amount of work and of course well-planned dieting. That is how you can burn fat or gain muscle. Even without a great diet, you will see results, only a little slower.

To get muscle, you need to lift weights and the amount has to increase over time. It is necessary for muscles in order them to grow.

If you consider just burning fat body weight exercises can be enough but hand weights or dumbbells are not a bad decision to buy.

Benefits are huge


Now knowing the truth you shouldn’t be afraid to start exercising. I know that start is the worst but after that you will start to really enjoy of the feeling after a one-hour session of sweat and movement.

I know this personally and dozens of researches have proven it too. They have shown that exercising really does good to your mind besides your body.

There are lots of physical and mental benefits like lower blood pressure, confidence that follows after working out. Exercising also reduces your odds of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

With all of these benefits, exercise simply makes you feel great. A single exercise session that lasts around 30 minutes already releases endorphins that relieve pain. Hormones can cause pleasure to us and they even can make us addicted to exercising.


So don’t be afraid to start your journey towards that dream body you have always wanted. All you need are attitude and right equipment.

It is just about your head that tries to mess with you and that’s not your fault. We are naturally lazy. We want to make everything easy as possible. That is just who we are so don’t blame yourself.

You just need to believe in yourself and take the bull by the horns.

Little about possibilities


So, the possibilities how to perform your exercise are limitless. There are many methods or terms like heavy lifting, HIIT, cardio, cutting, bulking. Those were just examples of different type of training methods or techniques used in building muscle or burning fat.

But in the beginning you have to decide are you going to buy a gym membership or train at home and outside. Both of them have benefits. Downsides to getting a gym membership can be lack of money or time.

Also, you might not have a gym near enough or the only gym close to your house is too small or more expensive than others far away. If this is a case you should consider working out at home and outside.

In the long run it is cheaper and time-efficient way. You don’t get all fancy equipment of a gym but that is definitely not going to hold you back from getting lean. If you prefer working out at home, you should check this out!

After choosing how you will start your journey towards your goal you have to know do you want to build muscle or lose fat. Or even do the both same time. You have to train a bit differently depending on what you want to achieve.

For muscle, you need more weight and fewer repeats. For losing fat lighter hand weights and body weight training are better and you will perform more repeats.

I will write about different techniques and programs later on more specifically but you can find a ton of exercise programs or tips from the internet and follow them.




Getting the equipment is the easiest part because you don’t need much. Those fancy machines in the gym are not better than dumbbells or hand weights, some of them are even worse.

Dumbbells, hand weights, barbells, kettle bells and freestanding gyms are the best kind equipment you need. They are flexible to a million different workouts and they often let you train more muscle groups at once than machines where you just sit and push in the gym.

I highly recommend you to get some of them to your home, even if you go to the gym. You can start exercising at home any time you want and feel like it. Doesn’t that sound easy? You don’t need to drive to the gym and waste your money to gasoline or you time to getting there.




If you haven’t already decided what to do, listen. The easiest way to start working out is from home and when you place your weights somewhere you can see them every day, it is so much easier to push yourself to start a workout.

So if you hesitate, first get one pair of dumbbells. After you have started and advanced in training get a couple of kettle bells or heavier dumbbells or whatever you need. The start is the hard part and after that you will see how easy it is to continue.

I have gone through the same process and here I am, half years later, in better shape than ever and getting towards my dream body. So go and show the world what you are made of. You rock!





4 thoughts on “How to burn fat or gain muscle efficiently

  1. phyllis hollett Reply

    Yes it is easier at home and I have the weights sitting there, and the mind just cannot seem to get into it.I do walk a lot but I know I need that strengthening.Your post was another prompt that I need to get it going. thanks for the post.

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Hey Phyllis! Great to hear you enjoyed my post and possibly got motivation. Remember to stay tuned for more! 🙂

  2. Dan Strong Reply

    Great advice here! It’s important for beginners to just start somewhere so I like your advice of starting at home. Building up some type of routine is paramount to ensuring that you will get into a rhythm and ingrain the habit of working out into your life. Great tips and thank you for the post.

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Great to hear Dan and thank you for the comment! It is just as you say. Getting started is the difficult part for many of us and that is why I recommend to start from home

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