Building muscle mass fast – how to start

You are reading this right here and now because you want to change your body and make it more muscular. And you want it fast. Let me tell you that it is not impossible or even difficult if you follow some steps. I bet in a few weeks you are effectively building muscle mass and doing it fast.

Do you know why I am the right guy to tell you about this. Because I have been working out for about three years but I started aiming and exercising towards muscular body only a half a year ago. I still remember clearly how it was like to be that skinny guy who wasn’t comfortable with his body.Muscles

Those personal trainers and gym sharks telling you these tips have been muscular for many years. They don’t necessarily remember how it was to be young and unsure. But I do. I don’t have the same experience as they do but I have enough knowledge and I can understand how you feel. I can give you the right kind of motivation and information because I have recently been in the same spot.


What I started doing and what should you

I had been going to gym a few years with my volleyball team and I gained there a lot of experience. But what was pulling me back from getting muscle was our training plan. It didn’t aim for muscle mass but for power, strength, durability and explosive jumps. Of course getting stronger usually means more muscle but it isn’t always the case. Muscle mass is not exactly equal to muscle strength. There are exercises that develop your power or durability but some of them don’t fit to gaining muscle mass.

You might be wondering now what you should do then. I will tell you what I did. Firstly when I didn’t practise volleyball so often I had time to focus on muscle growth. As I have told earlier, the start is the worst. But when you want something and you are determined to make a change it will be easy, trust me. So I started going to gym not twice a week but six times. Now don’t be scared! Six times isn’t necessary but in my opinion it is the optimal amount if you want to maximize your muscle growth. You should train each part of your body twice a week to see best results.

You should also start learning from more experienced people. That’s what I did. What should I do? How to avoid common mistakes? How to eat properly? That is the only way you can make progress. If you are struggling in same amount of weight, it is because you haven’t listened wiser people.

I am trying to be that wise person and give you the keys to success. Of course there are a lot of experienced people out there and it is actually better to listen more than one person in these things. So go watch YouTube videos, educate yourself. But remember I am here for you and I will publish content to help you. I care about my readers.


Nutrition is the key

One of the reasons I did not get muscle mass earlier was that I didn’t eat enough. There are different body types and I am the guy who has to eat a lot to gain body mass. My body consumes energy fast and it is difficult to maintain that mass. Maybe you are that type too. Or maybe you are not. Either way you are here because you want to build muscle. Firstly you should figure out what is your body like. How much do you need to consume calories to get muscle but at the same time not get fat? If you can figure that out you are in good shape.

I have heard that nutrition is way more important compared to exercises you do. Without right amount of calories, meaning carbohydrates, proteins and fats you cannot make progress. I am going to talk about nutrition more specifically later but here are a few tips.

4 little tips

1. Find out how many calories you should consume every day. There a lot of calculators out there. Then count how much you eat and keep track of it. Without right amount you won’t see results even though you exercise every day.

2. Eat right kind of food. Cut down sweets and snacks. They are unhealthy and contain energy that doesn’t last long. Of course sometimes it is okay to eat them and it is no crime.

3. Don’t cut carbohydrates. Even though many websites and people tell that carbohydrates, especially fast ones are bad for you, don’t listen. They are our main source of energy and studies show that by eating more carbohydrates your body weight is more balanced than with them who don’t eat them enough. But again don’t eat too much sugar. And also carbohydrates can be bad too if consumed too much and not exercising enough.

4. Don’t eat too much protein. Of course protein is necessary for muscle growth but many of us eat too much of them and it is not good. You don’t actually need any protein bars or powders if you focus on eating a good amount of chicken, fish, nuts etc. Try to cut down beef and pork. In the long run they are not good for you and they contain a lot of bad fat.


Motivate yourself – track the progress

I will not talk now about right kind of exercises. I will be writing many posts about them, don’t worry. But I wanted to talk about motivating yourself and keeping track of the process. So for the motivation and muscle growth it is necessary to make yourself a workout plan. Don’t stuff that with exercises you are not familiar with and can’t handle yet. Keep it simple so it is more fun to train and easy to track the progress.

Stick to compound exercises and add a few isolating exercises to the end. Compound movements are for example bench press and deadlift. Whereas isolating exercises are something like dumbbell curls or tricep pulldowns as they train only one muscle group.

Keep track of your progress. That is the only way how you can remember the amount you lifted last time and how much to use next time. It is also motivating to see the progress you can make only in a few weeks. You just need to go out the comfortable zone and put more weight or do that one extra repetition more than last time. That is how progress is made.

Start now

Progress is made today, not tomorrow. So hopefully I was able to be useful and feel free to read more of my content to get information about something else that bothers you. I appreciate your time taken to read my advice and hopefully I can change your life totally and set a new course towards your dream body. See you!





4 thoughts on “Building muscle mass fast – how to start

  1. Dan Strong Reply

    Hi Eetu,

    Excellent tips in this article. People new to lifting weights have a unique opportunity to gain muscle at a very fast rate that experienced lifters often cannot. When the body is not used to any kind of weight lifting, it will grow very quickly, assuming those people are on a somewhat well-planned weight training routine. Keeping that in mind along with your tips, I think new lifters will find a lot of success.

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Than you Dan!
      I appreciate that if you liked this article. It is very true that people who are about to start lifting can achieve huge results in a few weeks and that makes it so exciting.

  2. stefanie taylor Reply

    Hey Eetu, you’ve got some great advice here for beginner body builders. It is hard fo many when starting out just what advice to listen to as everybody seems to say different things.

    Working out how many calories you need for your body weight and the amount of exercise you do, and being sure to eat accordingly, is the best way to go. So many people don’t do this simple math and then wonder why they don’t get the results they want.

    It’s good that you tell of the importance of carbs when doing lots of training. I’ve tried low carb diets myself in the past and have felt like absolute rubbish… never again!

    Thanks for all your awesome advice, and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Thank you a lot Stefanie! Always wonderful to hear if my post has been enjoyable and useful. It is also great to hear that you agree with me on carb dieting.

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