Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review – Get those gains

Product: Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench (with preacher curl, leg developer and crunch handle)

Price (retail): from used to new, starting from $101.99

Where to buy:

Guarantee: 90 days after maximum estimated arrival time

My overall score: 9.0/10

General information

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is a versatile and useful piece of equipment for your home gym. In addition to weight bench it includes preacher curl, leg developer and crunch handle.

The product has 7-position adjustable backrest for multiple decline/flat/incline/military positions.

It is compatible with most 6′ or 7′ weight set bars.

Includes dual-action leg developer with adjustable foam rollers for leg curl and leg extension.

Enhanced safety with built-in safety hooks and no-pinch design.

Spring clips are included.

You can always get your money back within 90 days if you are not satisfied.

4.1/5.0 star rating on with many satisfied people.


Great versatility with low price

This product gives you a great value compared to price. Let’s analyze a little.

With Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench you can train multiple muscle groups such as your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, hamstrings, quads and abs. That is a huge scale for a one product.

You are able to train and gain muscle mass for many parts of your body. This bench enables you to perform a bench press, bicep curls, leg curls or extensions and ab crunches.

Adjustable backrest is a great feature. You don’t have to stick to only flat press. It is easy to target different parts of chest and shoulders by changing the angle of bench.

While looking for training equipment I myself try to focus on most versatile ones because they enable me to spend the least amount of money while getting tens of different exercises. And this product is one of them.



There are many great things in this product that I and many buyers really enjoy. But, there are some things to consider before buying.

This product provides a lot of safety for its users. But, if you are more advanced and are able to lift a lot, this bench might not be right for you. While being resistant, this bench isn’t the strongest compared to many others.

If you are using weights from 100 kilos to more, after year of use this bench might not be able to carry the weight. But for the most of you I guarantee that there is no need to worry.

The product doesn’t include plates or a bar so they have to be bought separately. But after buying a one bar and a few plates, you can use them with almost any equipment or just by themselves. So, I really recommend buying them.

The great thing with this product is that it allows you to use standard or Olympic plates. This way you don’t have to worry about buying right kind of plates.


Overall conclusion

When looking for weight bench that allows you to train other muscle groups too, I highly recommend this product. This is a great piece of equipment for people starting to build own home gym. It takes a little space and provides a lot of quality.

Cons for this product would be not including bar or plates, which in the end is pretty normal for this kind of products, and lack of resistance and stability with greater amount of weights.

This is a great product that has many quality features and many people have rated it highly because of that. If you like to buy online and get products cheaper than from ordinary stores, you should go for this!



2 thoughts on “Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review – Get those gains

  1. Charlie Reply

    Hi great post on a great piece of equipment, great for working out at home and working different areas of the body.


    • Eetu Post authorReply

      Hi Charlie! I’m glad you liked my review on the bench. Great piece of equipment indeed!

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